A small selection of 3-D llama photos.

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Try this!
If you hold up an antique stereo viewer, like the one shown on the left below,
centered against the stereoviews on the screen
you will be able to see these pictures in three dimensions!

There are also inexpensive viewers available like the one on the right below.

Stereoscopic viewer Stereoscopic viewer

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Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove.
She is about a year old in this photo.

Stereoscopic viewer
Viewing the photos in 3-D.
They will seem to come right off the screen.

If you don't have a viewer to see these 3-D stereoviews,
we have converted them to anaglyph format on a separate page
so that they can be seen by using a set of red/blue anaglyph glasses.

Anaglyph glasses
If you don’t have any of these glasses lying around,
you can get a set of free anaylph glasses
by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to this 3-D supply company.

There are also anaglyph glasses in some issues of magazines
that you might have lying around such as
the August 1998 National Geographic or the winter issue of Sports Illustrated.

He is keeping an eye on the young girls across the fence.

She is a couple of months old in this photo.

Othello Tunnels
Othello Tunnels near Hope, British Columbia.
This is a great place to go for a day hike, especially in the fall.

She is a classic looking llama with a very gentle face.

Autumn Wind
Autumn Wind.
She was all cleaned up for a show when this picture was taken.

Sun Dancer
Sun Dancer.
He was quite interested when Jane showed him the llama cutout at the fall fair.

Rain Dancer
Rain Dancer.
He is the father of Sun Dancer, the young llama in the photo above
and he was completely shorn a few months before this picture was taken.

She is a big, friendly girl with a wonderful personality.

She always is the first to show up when someone comes to visit.

He had enough sense to go back into his shelter
after he had his photo taken during the snow storm.

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