NASA’s Rover which landed on Mars
    recently had an unexpected visitor

Llama looking at Mars Rover

Anaglyph glasses This photo, which for some reason, disappeared very quickly from the Mars Exploration Rover Mission web site, shows a curious llama investigating the Spirit Rover before it left its landing site.

Scientist Dick Rogueland speculates Mars was destroyed by a cataclysm about 65 million years ago and that some of the surviving Martian population travelled to earth and populated it, bringing some of their livestock. It appears that some of their llamas may have survived on Mars to this day because their ability to go without water for long periods and the fact that their large lung capacity enabled them to breathe in the thin Martian atmosphere. A spokesman for Mount Lehman Llamas was ecstatic over this discovery and said “This will have a major effect on the llama registry. Just imagine, some of our llamas may have ancestors on Mars!”

You can view this anaglyph photo in 3-D by using a pair of red/blue glasses.

New image acquired . . .

Llama looking at lander

An employee at NASA, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, sent us the photo on the left. The photo was taken by the Spirit Rover just after leaving its lander and shows another llama from the Martian herd having a good look.

The sender of the photo writes that he feels the truth should be revealed, but NASA is covering up by not releasing these photos to the public.

Our llamas are down to earth.

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