Mae West
August 16, 1987 - November 9, 1999

We received this lab report on November 30th.

Lab Report

Gross Post Mortem
Bodyweight 127kg. There are a few lice. There is hydrothorax with clear serous fluid contain fibrin clots. There is ascites with clear serous fluid and fibrin clots in the abdominal cavity. Liver is enlarged and firm. On cut section appears pale and somewhat fatty. The wall of C-3 of the stomach is edamatous. There are linear paintbrush hemmorrhages on the serosal surface of the ileum. Tissues taken for bacteriology, histology and toxicology. Tissues frozen for further reference.

Microscopic Findings
Liver There is periportal sometimes bridging fibrosis with accompanying bile duct proliferation and a mild infiltration of lymphocytes into this region; there is hepatocellular cytoplasmic lipid vaculization.

Kidney There is mild focal intertubular mineralization.

Intestine Numerous coccidia within the epithelial cells and associated with this a diffuse lymphocytic infiltration into the lamina propria anlong with a few eosinophils.

Lung, liver, abdominal fluid - light/heavy growth of n.h. E. Coli.
Intestine - heavy growth of n.h. E. Coli. No salmonella found.

2+ coccidia, 2+ GIH.

1. Hepatopathy.
2. Hepatic Lipidosis.
3. Intestinal coccidiosis.
4. Ascites.
5. Hydrothorax

Bacteriology Results

Sensitivity Test Results
Organism: Escherichia coli
Test Series: 1


Lung, liver, abd. fl.: Lt/hvy gr. of NH E. Coli.
Intestine: Hvy gr. of NH E. Coli. No salmonella found.

Toxicology Laboratory Results

Se (ppm) Cu (ppm) Zn (ppm) Fe (ppm) Mn (ppm) Pb (ppm) Cd (ppm)
001 Liver0.4140.6151022.3< 1< 0.2
002 Kidneys2.9181352.1< 1< 0.2

Ca (ppm) Mg (ppm) Ca (mg/dl) Mg mg/dl DM % Fat % NIT
001 Liver41196
002 Kidneys67135
003 Marrow 6257
004 Vitreous humor6.12.3Neg
005 Rumen content / Hold

< = Less thanSe = SeleniumCu = Copper
Zn = ZincFe = IronMn = Manganese
Pb = LeadCd = CadmiumCa = Calcium
Mg = MagnesiumDM = Dry matterFat = Fat (by calculation)
NIT = Nitrate

Comments Normal bone marrow contains > 70% crude fat.
< 5% crude fat indicates starvation.

Adequate mature llama/alpaca liver mineral levels are:

Selenium 0.25 - 0.82 ppm
Zinc 20 - 90 ppm
Manganese 2.0 - 4.0 ppm
Cadmium < 0.5 ppm
Magnesium 112 - 180 ppm
Copper 30 - 100 ppm
Iron 70 - 200 ppm
Lead < 5.0 ppm
Calcium 50 - 70 ppm

Neg = Negative test.

Adequate or normal llama/alpaca vitreous humor levels are:

Calcium6.1 - 7.0 mg/dl
Magnesium2.60 - 3.08 mg/dl
Phosphorus3.5 mg/dl

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