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Llama/Emu Cross
Hatches from Egg

Scientists in British Columbia have released information on a new method of genetically modifying emu eggs. By inserting DNA from a llama into the egg, they have created a brand new cross between camelids and ratites. The scientific classification this new creation is known as a cametite. For more detailed information on how this was achieved, follow this link.
      The photo on the left shows a hatchling shortly after it has emerged from its egg.

We can emulate egg-zactly what you need.

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The photo on the right shows a cametite which is about six months old.

Mount Lehman Llamas has managed to raise a small herd (or flock) of them now which mingle quite well with their original herd of llamas.

This new herd prefers eating bird seed to hay. The females often gather the hay out of the llama feeders to make their nests.

A spokesman for Mount Lehman Llamas said “We haven’t decided whether to call them llemus or emuamas”.

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