Inuksuk photo

Melting snow uncovers
Snow Llama monument

Last month, in the high arctic, this “inuksuk” was uncovered due to the effects of El Niño. Biologists have long theorized that a relative of the llama, known as the “snow llama” had migrated to the north and been domesticated by the eskimos, but this is the first definite proof. The theory is that when the last ice age arrived the llamas were smart enough to migrate south. There have been recent reports of snow white llamas being seen in the higher regions of Mount Lehman near the coast of British Columbia.

We have some rock-solid llamas.

black spacer Llama with antlers

It is suspected that some of the snow llamas may have cross-bred with the newly introduced reindeer while still in the arctic. Some of these genes may still manifest themselves as evidenced by this photo of a young llama recently born in Mount Lehman.

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