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Mount Lehman • British Columbia • Canada

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In February of 2004 we were featured as the Farm of the Month
in the Llama Crossing Newsletter which was pretty exciting for us.

Back in May of 1995 we were featured in an article in Llamas Magazine

and we have reprinted it on our site figuring that most folks reading this
won’t have a copy of that magazine handy.

(By the way, the pastel of Ambassador at the top of the page was done by our son John.)

We have several different sites and try to provide as much information as possible.

If you would like to explore some of our other pages,
which we hope you will find useful,
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People often ask us “Where is Mount Lehman?”

Okay. We admit that downtown Mount Lehman is not exactly huge.
It has a fire hall, a library, a post office, a credit union and an insurance agency.
It also has a few llamas in the area.
If you went down the road and turned left at the school
you might stumble across our llama farm.
(Map to farm)

We are approximately forty miles east of Vancouver and about ten miles north of the US border.
(If you ask nicely, we might even proudly tell you how high Mount Lehman is.)

The next thing people ask is “Why do you have llamas?”

That’s a little harder to answer, but basically it is because we enjoy them
and we enjoy the people that we have met through being part of the llama community.

Then it’s “What got you interested in llamas?”

That’s even harder to answer. We were driving through Peru one day,
on our way to New York (it’s a long story) when we saw herds of llamas grazing
all by themselves in the middle of nowhere. We took lots of photos of these strange creatures
and I guess the seed was planted. Years later we saw an article in a backpacking magazine
with some wonderful photos of a llama packstring on Mount Hood.
That did it and it wasn’t too long before we started writing letters to different farms.

We acquired our first two llamas in March, 1981 and had great fun training them
as in those days it was difficult to find any information at all about llamas.
Even hiking was slow as everyone we met had to take photos
and we had to answer a million questions.

Amazingly, despite the first two being males, the llama population here has steadily increased
so that presently the herd is a little too big to take hiking all at once.
At last count there were around fifty, but we love them all.

Having this many llamas allows us to offer a wonderful selection
whether you are looking for breeding stock, pack llamas, or guard llamas.

Our breeding program is diversified so that we can supply llamas that are a very good size
as well as some that are smaller. Some of our studs will add bone to their offspring
while others will add fine fibre.

If you would like to visit some of our animals the links below will guide you through this site.

Ambassador Conquistador

This outstanding male
on the left is
Canadian Ambassador

This Ambassador son
on the right is

Sarah Burgundy

This beautiful female
on the left is
Sarah Barnart

This big girl
on the right is
Burgundy ’95

We cordially invite you
to explore some of our other pages:

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